Transformers Cyberverse Ultimate Optimus Prime

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When it comes to being an awesome leader, Transformers Cyberverse Ultimate Optimus Prime has everything covered. Wise and always knows what to do? Check. Unstoppable strength? Check – he carries the Matrix of Leadership, a legendary artifact that gives him increased power, in his chest. Epic archrival? Check – his archrival is Megatron, who's only the most powerful villain the universe has ever known. Noble spark? You better believe it. Optimus Prime and the Autobots will protect the people of Earth whenever they are threatened. Cool catch phrase? He's got one of those, too: Autobots, Roll Out! He's even got an out-of-nowhere normal bot turns into the ultimate hero story: before he was leader of the Autobots, he was a normal bot working as a file clerk. Optimus Prime won't stop until he completes his mission: finding the Allspark and bringing his damaged home planet of Cybertron back online.

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