Flesh and Blood TCG: Welcome to Rathe Unlimited Booster Display

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Flesh and Blood introduces game changing innovation to the Trading Card Game industry, with the patent pending "pitch" resource system, that has players engaging in cutthroat combat every turn of every game, 100% of the time!

Equip your hero and prepare to fight! Flesh and Blood is a hero-centric combat game, combining the immersive experience of a classic fantasy RPG with the creativity, strategy, and collectability of a master crafted TCG.

Start the game by revealing and equipping your hero with the weapons and armour best matched for the challenge at hand. A successful hero will need a well-stocked inventory to draw upon, for the world of Rathe has much to be discovered, including specialization skills for each hero, legendary equipment for each class, and treasures so rare thay're fabled to exist at all.

The Welcome to Rathe Booster Set contains 225 cards, and is designed to support exceptional booster draft and sealed deck play, in addition to being the primary way of acquiring cards for constructed play.

How are Unlimited Boosters different from First Printing Boosters:

  • Unlimited Edition packaging has a red UNLIMITED flag on boosters and displays
  • Unlimited Edition cards have improvements to colour, templating, and syntax since their original printing, such as "red" colour strips on WTR cards, rarity badges, and adding italic reminder text to some cards.
  • Cards that are Cold Foils in the first printing will instead be Rainbow Foils in the Unlimited printings


Pack Contents:

  • 1 premium foil
  • 1 + 1 Rare per pack (1 Rare + 1 Rare/Super Rare/Majestic)
  • 1 Equipment card
  • 11 Commons
  • 1 token

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