Welcome to VIP Access!

Tier 1

You really are very important to us at ShopPopFLORIDA and we want to give our gratitude by giving you some extra perks...FREE!

A quick side note, we will revoke VIP Status if you take advantage of this access which includes but not limited to: sharing our account to give access to others, saving/screenshotting and posting this on the internet or social media, giving others codes for special deals and codes meant for VIP only.

Here is a full list of perks that you are receiving in Tier 1:

Monthly in store meetings
Reserve products to come out in future
Guaranteed 1st wave products (subject to early reservation)
Access to dedicated VIP email support
Guaranteed Chase
Automatic invoices to your email, no need to shop or worry about selling out
Early access to specials and deals
Early Access to SPO Exclusives
Reserve TCG Cards, must let us know ASAP (subject to availability and allocation)
Help curate non Funko items for your growing collection
1st Access to SPO Exclusives
Special Requests

We will keep you aware of any changes by updating the date below. By doing so you will know if there are any changes to new products not announced yet, specials, or other information. We suggest to check once a week and if you see the same date you will know there has not been any changes!




Below are the newest product offerings! Remember this is just to reserve your item to get it on time. There is no payment required and you will get a special invoice from the VIP team once it is available to order Please Note: If you want a guaranteed Chase, you must select all pops in that set as we only guarantee the Chase in the full set bundle. You can check off below, fill out your information and click on submit to have those items reserved!


Previous Product Offerings

Below are previously offered releases from Funko that many not have been announced yet. You can let us know if there are any you are interested in but at this time we cannot guarantee the arrival by release date. 


Email VIP@Shoppoponline.com for anything that you would like to reserve!